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Hello Stars

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Game information

Game title: Hello Stars

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Hello Starts might look like a simple game you can easily learn, but it is really hard to manage! From the first glance, your mission seems to be elementary: there is a ball you have to control and touch all the starts located on the level. However, be aware that every object as well as the ball is under the gravity and most missions are really balled up. The difficulty level will increase throughout the game so use the opportunity to learn the fundamental rules and moves during the first levels (which are significantly easier). This practice will help you figure out the solutions for your next tasks and find new ideas for the future challenges. There are numerous possible options for every task and you should learn to apply the most efficient ones all the time, so your creative thinking skills will help you a lot. The puzzles are complicated, they are never as easy as they may seem, so ready rack your brains with Hello Stars!