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Horror Beware

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Game information

Game title: Horror Beware

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

A new survival horror game is already underway! This time you are going to experience the dreads of a misty night behind the wheel of a car. At the moment, the game is only available in demo and there are a few mistakes to fix, but the graphics are wonderful and atmospheric. The mission includes following a mysterious silhouette at the edge of the forest. At a certain moment, you discover that you are also being hunted yourself. The only way to shake the pursuit off your tail is to drive fast, maneuver between the trees and stop somewhere with your headlights off. Those who already tried the demo version say that the feeling of paranoia appears in a very short time! Perhaps you never ended up alone on a dark road on a rainy night, but this is very terrifying. Especially if you have problems like flat tire or being kicked out of the cell phone area. We don’t know any details yet, but we can probably expect a compelling story with elements of detective and maybe also some puzzles to add to the mystery of the game.