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House Flipper

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Game information

Game title: House Flipper

Game description:

House Flipper is a project that will teach you how to make repairs in your house. Of course, before you start experimenting with yourself, it’s better to practice a little on other people’s chambers, and this is what you can do in the new project that is now in front of you. The task is simple – you will have to give a chance for a second life to the dilapidated and neglected housing. You buy a cheap house, which is almost falling apart, after which you need to study everything carefully inside. Once you have reviewed and studied everything, you can do the planning, and then go on to direct actions, namely – to repair.

To do this, you have an expanded set of tools, as well as the skills and skills that will need to be applied in practice. You will break unnecessary walls, drill with a drill, use a hammer and nails, twist the plugs, change the wiring and handle the overall layout. And this is only one side of the game, and the second is the interior design. Arrange furniture, change the exterior style of the room, use hundreds of different trifles and look for ways to prove yourself.

If you like to design interior – here you can fully express yourself, and thus the interiors you create will be such that they are easy to share with friends. This is achieved largely thanks to the use of a modern graphics engine with advanced capabilities. You begin with the arrangement of an empty apartment, and on the basis of it you can make it. that it really will want to live. The game has a clearly defined goal – you need to make repairs in dilapidated housing, and then sell it and get the cherished profit. It only just sounds simple, but in fact behind it hides a lot of work, so you better roll up your sleeves, because you will work as a leper. In addition, in this market of repair and resale of houses today you can get up well, so that the motivation is more than enough. This is not just entertainment – it’s a simulator of serious activity, which for many people is a direct profession.