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Hungry Dragon

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Game information

Game title: Hungry Dragon

Category: Adventure
Game description:

The time has come to release the fire devils and destroy everything on your way! Enjoy Hungry Dragon, a dynamic and funny arcade game where you control mighty dragons. As you can understand from the title, these creatures want something to eat and they are having a digestion of real monsters: everything can become their lunch. Fly around, burn the environment with fire, and swallow everything you can see. The entire medieval kingdom with its houses, palaces, forests and tasty dwellers is at your disposal. The great thing about Hungry Dragon is that you are not limited to one character. You can create the collection of violent, fire-breathing dragons and each of them will be unique. Take all of your pets with you and the power of your bite and fire attack will increase. To burn and destroy even harder, you will unlock amazing items and costumes. There is also a level-up opportunity, since the more inhabitants and buildings you eat, the stronger you become. Remember, a hungry dragon is a small dragon, so eat more and gain bonuses and points! Explore the map to find and ruin new places, such as villages, caves, forests, and more. Are you ready for a nice barbecue in a company of adorable and fierce dragons? Then download Hungry Dragon now and roll in!