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Hungry Shark Megalodon

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Game information

Game title: Hungry Shark Megalodon

Category: Simulation
Game description:

The 3d largest creature in Hungry Shark Evolution is Megalodon, a giant shark with a scar on its snout. This is a very strong character that can gobble up almost anyone and anything. When the highest level up is reached, Megalodon can sweep the lands off and completely absolve them from people. The main minus of this giant is that it cannot move inside of the pinch points and can be easily attacked by people and other characters. However, Megalodon’s bite is very powerful and it is able to gulp others in a matter of a second. Also, it has the highest immunity and speed. Getting gems with Megalodon is simple because it jumps high and can eat ships, copters and parafoils. In fact, this shark eats everything that moves, except Enemy Alan, Enemy Moby Dick, Enemy Mr. Snappies, Toxic Barrels, Destroyer of Worlds, and Ultra Miners. Thus, his diet mostly consists of: birds, crabs, pelicans, puffer fish, boats, mines, angel and lion fishes, etc.


  • High speed
  • Strong bite
  • High health level
  • Can eat a lot of creatures with one move
  • Receives high rewards for missions


  • Missions are very complicated
  • Fast health drain
  • Upgrading and unlocking cost is immense
  • Large size makes Megalodon stuck in tunnels

Megaladon is considered as one of the mightiest characters in Hungry Shark Evolution.