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It: Chapter Three

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Game information

Game title: It: Chapter Three

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Have you already tried the two parts of It, the game made on the basis of a King’s same-name novel? Well, if you are a horror-fan, then you cannot miss these series. And by the way, we have a third part of the same story for you. The horrible clown is back and he is looking for you! As a potential victim of the evil clown, you will have to do everything just to avoid meeting this guy. As you can understand, he has pretty nasty plans for you. All victims of the clown are found dead here and there, but the bodies look like they were tortured in a horrible way. By the way, this game is free to play on our site, so you can do it right now! You will be one of the first players, who will play this game. Have fun! And don’t get into the clown’s paws! Save your life!