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Kogama Granny

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Game information

Game title: Kogama Granny

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Granny can hear your every step. Granny can see your every move. Once she catches you, be sure to get into a trouble. Be very careful and try not to disclose your presence to her, otherwise you will never leave this horrible place alive. When you make at least a quite noise, Granny will run after you. Beware, her speed is pretty amazing despite the fact that she is extremely old. Your chances to avoid her are so small, but at least you can hide under the bed or in a wardrobe. Five days in a creepy house with a frightening hellish creature are about to come! Are you ready for this blood-chilling story? Well, hope you have strong nerves and won’t get scared into grey hair every time Granny will chase you, running fast through the dark and gloomy corridors of an old isolated mansion. God knows how did you got in a trouble like this and why she has you locked in this strange place, but now you need to save yourself as fast as you can. And try to stay sane in the process, of course. This is Kogama Granny, a brand-new remake of the well-known same-name horror that includes all of your favorite features from the original title. So get into the game right now to explore the house and find your way out before mad Granny catches you!