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Life is Strange 2 Episode

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Game information

Game title: Life is Strange 2 Episode

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Life Is Strange is a story about a young girl, who studies photography at college. Her name is Max Caulfield and she is an ordinary 18-years old teenager until she discovers that she has a special ability – rewinding time whenever she wants. As we already know from the sci-fi movies and books, this kind of power may lead to different consequences, including the well-known butterfly effect. One day she predicts that the storm is about to happen and realizes that she is the only one to prevent her native city from destruction. At the same time, the responsibility she has to take is enormous. The plot is variable and develops in accordance with player’s actions. You can change and adjust it when you go back and forth in time. You will face a lot of various puzzles and quests to be solved. In addition, the conversations with other characters may have different outcomes because all of them have multiple choices for response. Max and her perception of the situation make the key points in the game. At the same time, your choices can lead the story anywhere and this makes Life Is Strange unpredictable and therefore interesting to play. The openness of the plot, mysterious time travelling as well as character’s charm are absolutely adorable.