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Metal Gear Solid 6

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Game information

Game title: Metal Gear Solid 6

Category: Weapon Games
Game description:

Some gamers claim that they love playing games more than watching movies because a game gives you a sense that you actually are a character, not just a passive onlooker. Well, if you share this view and value the games that provide you maximum cinematographic experience, then Metal Gear is your choice. Numerous video-insertions, perfectly-written narrative part, and professional dubbing will surely give you a sense that you outlive a cinema. Here you play for Solid Snake, a hero, who has a mission, and needs to reach the point without being found and detected by the enemies. The story has a lot of science fiction elements implemented in the best traditions of classical sci-fi novels. Not only you will see the technologies and their appliance to the world, but also think about the philosophical and moral questions.