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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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Game information

Game title: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Wanna travel all over the world without leaving your home? Wonder how different parts of our planet look like from an incredible height? Now you too can enjoy these amazing sights with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! This is a stunningly realistic emulation of piloting a plane that will take your breath away from the very first seconds. 3D clouds that filter the light, various weather effects that affect turbulence, detailed landscapes – all this provides a highly realistic aviation experience that will give you a pretty clear idea of what it’s like to be a pilot.

Explore the world, enjoy the realism!

The developers have included over 400 cities from the entire world copied from Bing Maps. Each of them also has airports that you can visit. Overall, the map is so huge that you’ll need to spend at least half of the day flying non-stop to see everything that is there. But getting to your destination point might not be as easy as you expect. You’ll have to deal with various factors that have to be considered to avoid a catastrophe. Every little nuance of aerodynamics and plane piloting has been simulated with great care. Prepare to learn plenty of technical peculiarities that you wouldn’t have even found out about if you hadn’t played Microsoft Flight Simulator!

More features and content to come!

But the best thing is that the developers don’t plan to stop there. They have promised regular updates for the game plus the addition of helicopters! So we can surely say that over time, your flight experienced will grow even more lifelike and fascinating. But even now there is definitely a lot to check out! Discover the thrills of realistic piloting right now, travel freely across the giant world full of 3D beauty, complete missions and gain rewards as you get better and better at this challenging job!