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Monster School: FNAF

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Game information

Game title: Monster School: FNAF

Category: FNAF Games
Game description:

Teacher from a monster high school has prepared something for you. Want to play a game with him? A game for your life! Yes, this is a marvelous combination of a legendary horror title about animatronics Five Nights at Freddie’s and your favorite Minecraft with all its jokes and humor. All in all, playing for one of the students of your class, you will have to make till 6 AM while sitting on a lonely office room. You know the plot – you are a cursed watchman, sitting all night at the desk, trying to avoid the attacks of killing toys, who will sneak into your room from all imaginable doors, holes, etc. Now the story is wrapped into a square world of Minecraft and gets a truly fresh and unexpected angle! Try now!