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Monster School: Scary Slendrina

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Game information

Game title: Monster School: Scary Slendrina

Category: Minecraft
Game description:

This time, you are having lessons at high school for monsters at night. Strange enough, isn’t’ it? When one of the students asks a teacher about such a surprising shift of a schedule, he answers in his mysterious manner that there is a reason. It sounds like he has another bizarre task for you! The lights turn off and he teleports the class to an open field, where a small house made of stone stands. Slendrina is waiting for you there. Well, the sounds that come out of that house are creepy: somebody is screaming from pain and cries. Zombie goes first! There are corridors and doors there that seem to be endless. Students will go there one by one and discover that Slendrina is… having a disco! Well, another crazy adventure of monster students is already on the run!