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Mr. Hopps Playhouse

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Game information

Game title: Mr. Hopps Playhouse

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Have you ever thought that toys can become alive when you were a child? All of us had such a fantasy. We would gladly play with our favorite plush animals if they came to life, right? And what if one of your toys scares you to death? Unfortunately, this is the one that come to life this night. Mr. Hopps wants to play with you and he is somewhere near. You cannot see him but he can see you! Beware and try to stay alive until morning – you are one on one with demonic powers and this is not a joke.
During the game, you will play for a little girl Ruby. She is awake late at night because a toy that scares her disappeared. She walks through the corridors and rooms, trying not to make sounds because each move she makes can become her last one. Be very careful when you move and try not to step on toys and other objects on the floor – this will attract unwanted attention of Mr. Hopps. His large white eye-balls are watching your every step from the deep darkness of one of the rooms…