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Night of the Consumers

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Game information

Game title: Night of the Consumers

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

You didn’t know that your new job at the supermarket will look more like hell than a career option. Well, you were to naïve to think that this was something you were looking for! Welcome to a really disastrous game where you will play for the member of a supermarket staff that has real troubles with the consumers. These people are really crazy about buying things and they cannot stop doing it even when the night falls down! Children, adults, men, women, grandmothers, and other annoying characters will run around the store, ignoring the fact that it is going to close in five minutes. They are very unhappy when the shelves are empty! As a manager, you need to bring this chaos into order. But beware – this will cost you nerves and health! Try to deal with the craziest customers you could ever imagine. This won’t be easy – they are not only annoying and persistent, but even violent! Do your best to make everything go smoothly. And without victims, if possible.