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No Players Online

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Game information

Game title: No Players Online

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The trend for old games and movies getting more and more popular among the youngsters. While players continue searching for stylish and engaging titles, the game developers have a full pack of interesting offers to please them. They experiment with ideas and concepts and some go pretty far, like the creators of a little bit strange but inspiring game called No Players Online. Here you won’t meet any online players, as the name of the game suggests. Still, there is an option for you to appear in the open server, where the participants are supposed to gather. You may for a couple of minutes until people appear, but let us warn you from the very beginning – they won’t. As a result, you won’t have anyone to struggle with. Your actions? Surely, you will start walking around to see what kind of the world is around you now.
The title is still focused on the conception of flag capturing, so you will find yourself on numerous maps that will remind you classic titles like Quake. The environment is created the way it encourages you to cooperate or fight with others, but you won’t actually have to – they are not here. There are unknown points, they are like blind spots, located around the flags to capture. The world of the game is open, but the blurry places will make the process of investigation a bit tricky. The game can be called a horror because a feeling you get when wandering around a large and absolutely lifeless, empty space, is a bit frightening. This is a unique, but creepy experience. When you complete the capturing mission, nothing actually happens – the process and the space are out of your control. The background music also adds some strange feelings to the game, while it is a gramophone melody that seems a bit irrelevant to the environment, that is why – anxious. Try it out and see, because the descriptions don’t show the essence of the process.