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Poppy Playtime Horror

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Game information

Game title: Poppy Playtime Horror

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Poppy Playtime is a creepy puzzle game that will send you right to an abandoned toy factory. You will be exploring it to understand why it has been closed and why the owners ditched it many years ago. In the past, the company used to be very famous and the whole world knew it as a leading toy manufacturer. But one day the factory just stopped working. What happened is unknown. You have a chance to spill some light on this mysterious story and find out the truth by setting out to that very plant!

When you sneak inside, you will get an unusual tool at your disposal that will allow you to grab objects from afar thanks to its construction. You can perform numerous manipulations with the items surrounding you and even conduct electricity which can be necessary to open some doors and set the machines in motions. The usage of the costume is what practically the entire gameplay is based on. So take good care of it because without it playing will be much harder for you.

Speaking of your goal, it’s mainly to explore a giant factory. You will have to walk its entire length, look into  every room and open all the doors to find out what is happening in each of its halls an departments. You will also have to descend into the basement and search for any secret entrances that may lead you into some interesting places. In most cases, to get inside a room, you will have to look for a way to do it. And that’s where the main difficulty lies.

To open another door, you will have to solve riddles, cope with various puzzles and search for all kinds of objects. And in addition, you won’t be alone in the building! The toys that came alive will follow you and even try to kill you. They don’t like invaders and they aren’t happy about your presence. You should watch out if you don’t want your search to get interrupted in the most brutal way. Enjoy Poppy Playtime horror and see if you can handle this spooky quest!