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Realm Royale

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Game information

Game title: Realm Royale

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

There is another cool TPS coming soon from Hi-Rez Studios. Can you guess what we are talking about? That’s right, Realm Royale! Being based on the story of Paladins, it challenges you to combat against other players in real time roaming a shrinking map and picking up supplies that will help you remain the last man standing. But don’t worry, if you are smashed down, you won’t die immediately, you just will be turned into a chicken. If you manage to hold up for a certain period of time, you can transform back and continue the match.

A distinctive feature of Realm Royale is that you can fight only as a four-person team. Before every battle, the members choose one hero from five classes, each possessing unique capabilities. Warrior has powerful attack, Mage soars over the earth and throws fireballs, Hunter shoots the bow for long distances, Engineer installs turtles and Assassin invisible sneaks across the roofs and quietly gets rid of the enemies. You can decide which of the classes will suit your mission best. Once everything is set, you can start the battle.

Your arsenal will include shotguns, sniper’s rifles, ice staffs, swords, crossbows and many other weapons. To ensure victory, you can craft legendary weapon in the kingdom’s forges. You can do that by using collected ores or breaking the items you found into materials for crafting. But that can be potentially dangerous – while you are busy with the equipment, enemies can make their move. For fast transportation over the map, you can use horses. Locations are quite diverse, from the Jaguar Claw Jungles and lifeless sands of the Goblin Ravine to the glaciers of Eternal Frost and the rainbow-colored Mushroom Forest. Discover the fascinating world of Realm Royale and test your battle skills against hundreds of players from all over the web!