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Roblox Tycoon

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Game information

Game title: Roblox Tycoon

Category: Games Roblox
Game description:

Do you like fishing? Some people say it is a real hunt, others believe it is a very peaceful hobby, but all of them agree that you can’t hurry in here. If you are ready to take up a role of an energetic fisherman, then Roblox Meepcity welcomes you with all grace. You will become a fish hunter and decide what tactics is the best to catch a really huge prey. You need to cast your line into the water, finding the most suitable place. Then you need to wait for a while for the fish could see the food on your hook. You have to wait patiently for the best time to take the fish out of water, because it may slip away, if you waited for too long or too short period of time. It may seem that this game is very simple, and all you need is just some patience, but it is not true. The game is very interesting, and it is much more than simple sitting.