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Sally Face Episode 5 Memories and Dreams

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Game information

Game title: Sally Face Episode 5 Memories and Dreams

Category: Sally Face
Game description:

The last episode of the mysterious story of a depressive guy who looks like a girl is here. Sal is a teenager with a hard destiny – he has been seriously injured and now his face looks awfully. Being ashamed of his ugliness, Sal wears a mask that covers his entire face. He doesn’t want people to see him that way. During the four episodes of the franchise, you were living a life in a shoes of a desperate and depressive person. As you have already understood, such existence is full of pain and frustration. Playing for Sally, not only you will dive deep into the darkest emotions and feelings of a young and rejected person, but also you will become a witness of truly mystical and strange events.
Throughout the episodes, you will have to investigate murders connected with occultism and dark cults, search for Sally’s kidnapped friends, investigate a horrible case of sausages made of humans, and finally meet the adult Sal. His friends disappear and die in different parts of the story. In the fourth episode, everything ends tragically for Sally – he goes mad because of one of his friends death and gets a message in his dream that he needs to kill everyone around the neighborhood. Sal follows the order and kills people. Then he appears in a prison doomed for a death penalty. In the last part, Sally comes back…
The fifth part brings him back to life and another blood-chilling episode is waiting for you. New creepy adventures, strange disappearances, and psychological hardships are waiting for you and Sally in this part of the series. The new plot is pretty exclusive and thrilling – there are unexpected twists and new mysteries to investigate. Join Sally in his strange adventures and maybe this time he will manage to bring his pitiful life to order. The game is free to play, so enjoy it online on our resource – it’s all yours! The previous parts of the series can also be found here, so check out the entire story.