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Category: Skill , .io Games
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You probably know the famous guessing game called scribble? Now you have an online version –! You (or any other player) pictures a word and the rest of the group compete to guess it. Every drawer can depict three different words during one guessing session and the others will type it in a chat. It is important to draw as clear as you can to receive additional scores and likes from other players. This amazing game gathers players from all over the world and you can interact with them during a game, so don’t miss your chance to have fun with them! Here are some useful tips to make your playing experience even more awesome.

• Customize your game

If you want to play with your fellows, just call them to join a private section. You are welcome to create it in the menu of the game and then just provide them with links. This way, you will enjoy playing Scribbl in the company of your friends!

• Drawing

There are different colors and tools for the word-drawers, so you can use them and make your pictures more precise. That is, you should choose the related colors to make your picture understandable. We mean that there is no sense in drawing a cloud with a red color. When you start the game as a drawer, you receive three cards with words written on them. You will choose the one that you like the most and then draw it in a simple application. Choosing the word, make sure that you have an idea about the way you will draw it. Try to avoid complicated ones. Also, be aware that there are time limits for drawers.

• Likes

The best pictures receive likes from the players. If you like someone’s drawing, make sure to rate it and your game-mate will receive additional scores. Well, there is not only a thumbs-up mark but also a thumbs-down one, so you can rate bad pictures with negative feedback and motivate other players to draw better. is for fun! So make sure that you communicate with other players in a respectful manner. Even if someone makes you really mad, remember that every game has its own rules and you may be disqualified for not being polite to others. Also, the game might kick you out if you are not active and don’t take part in a guessing process. So do express your ideas about the word in a general chat. Make predictions even if you are not so sure that they are correct. Also, remember about the number of letters of the word before you write your predictions in a chat. This will make your playing experience much more efficient and won’t distract other players from the game. If you are a drawer of the word, don’t forget to make the most of the instruments you have on the panel. Don’t cheat and never write any letters or obvious hints on your pictures! is about drawing, not writing.

Well, even if your drawing skills are far from perfect, don’t worry about that. This game is not about impressing everyone with your super-professional images. You’d better focus on clarity and humor rather than trying to draw a detailed pic. Draw clean pictures, make fast guesses and gather likes from other players! Good luck at!