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Showdown Bandit Chapter 2

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Game information

Game title: Showdown Bandit Chapter 2

Category: Survival
Game description:

Is there something more horrible when puppets, absolutely manipulated and predicted dolls, suddenly start moving on their own? We guess that this is a real nightmare for every master of puppets. However, when such a creepy plot is implemented in an indie-horror game, it gets a special charm. Things go out of control, mysterious events that cannot be explained, a little bit of madness, and all of that is wrapped into a stylish and original animation. As you know from the previous game of this studio, they know how to make an atmospheric and incredibly aesthetical game. Yes, we are talking about their first masterpiece – Bendy and the Ink Machine. If you are ready to immerse yourself into the game that is no less cool and thrilling, then Showdown Bandit will come to your liking for sure.
The first chapter of the game depicted a story of puppets that come back to life. No, literally. They have been forgotten by people, lying inside of their boxes, all alone. Now they come out and the very new show starts. A creepy show, a dark one, a very strange one. And guess what, you are the main star of it now! Play for Bandit – a famous villain, and make sure that you follow your role in the spectacle. When playing the first chapter, you must have noticed that the game makes some hints about what has happened in the past. Why the show was closed time ago? You cannot answer the question yet, but you start thinking about the reasons… and your first prediction surely is blood-chilling – the puppets have never been just soulless things, they are alive and they always were. Maybe, they were the ones to control people? Maybe, they started doing what they wanted? Or maybe, they even tried to make a rebellion and break free?
In the second chapter, you will continue the journey that started before. The second part of your path will be even more thrilling and complicated, but we hope you can handle that. You must! Because this is the only chance to find answers to the stated questions. The game will reveal its mysteries in the second part you will have to pass all levels and see all locations to get the clue. The full story will be revealed only in the end of the second chapter, so do your best and spend some time in the gloomy world of dolls that are forgotten by everyone. Get ready for real dangers and challenges. There is a plenty of them in both chapters of the game, so good luck.