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Showdown Bandit Miss Undertaker

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Game information

Game title: Showdown Bandit Miss Undertaker

Category: Survival
Game description:

The game Showdown Bandit features a number of central protagonists. As you have already guessed, one of them is Bandit. However, there are more. The second important character of the game is Lorelei or Miss Undertaker. Like Bandit and other puppets from the show, she was left in her box for a long time. However, time showed mercy to her – the condition of her body is pretty much acceptable and looks almost the same as it was before. Her legs are not ruined, so Lorelei can stand on her own. She is different from other puppets – she is more active and interesting. What is more, her role in a show is striking – she is someone like an angel of death, the one who takes people in the other world after they die. And as you can guess, angel of death has a lot of work to do on the disturbed wild west, where gunfights are the matter of everyday routine.
In the game, she acts like a guider for Bandit. She found him at the beginning and released him from the box, awakening him from sleep. She has a task for him – there is a key that belongs to her, but Dead Man has stolen that thing. Bandit will have to find Dead Man and get the key to give it back to Miss Undertaker. She has a black hat on her head, a dress, and corset that makes her look pretty elegant and girlish.