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Showdown Bandit

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Game information

Game title: Showdown Bandit

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

Puppets are a bit frightening, do you agree? Especially, when they become the main characters of horror games. You perceive them as absolutely controlled objects – they are just puppets after all. However, when some mysterious magic sneaks into the world, everything can change dramatically. The game Showdown Bandit presents a story of one puppet show that was incredibly popular some time ago. Kids from all over the world were watching it regularly and couldn’t wait to see a new part. The show depicted small novels about a guy in a cowboy suit, his name was Bandit. He was a pretty bad guy, though! However, he was very cool and kids wanted to be the same. Each story about the wild west was full of adventures and interesting episodes, so everyone waited for this show. One day it disappeared all of a sudden. The owners of the show didn’t say anything to the audience and never explained why the show was closed that rapidly. Now you are going to find out everything about that.
The story about the strange puppets will be discovered from within. You will find a box with puppets and namely – the hero of all kids – Bandit. Now you are the main star here! You try to play this puppet and all of a sudden you find yourself in another world. The puppet brings you to a parallel universe, where alive dolls are everywhere. Very soon you realize that you are not the one who controls the character! Everything is completely the opposite. You might be a controlled one. But how is it possible? Move in this mysterious place that looks like a limbo, and find out everything about the puppets that come alive. The enemies will be hard to detect – never attack if you are not sure that you should. The parallel world will uncover its mysteries to you and you will learn even more than you ever wanted to know…