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Sims 2020

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Game information

Game title: Sims 2020

Category: The Sims
Game description:

It is hard to find a better life simulator than the most famous title called The Sims. These series of games became a real hit long time ago. They are still popular and continue to attract numerous players who want to create a dream-life. Even though it is digital, it is still amazing. So in the previous parts, you had to take part in building houses, arranging life activities, and helping your sims to become happy and successful. You were a witness of their failures and amazing days, strong feelings, weddings, and other emotional moments. Your sims grew up, went to a college, found a job, made their own families, and even died old and happy. You were a god for them, a leading hand that knows what to do. This amazing feeling cannot be replaced by anything – you decide the life of people, even though they are not real. That’s never a problem.

Sims are famous for being extremely customizable and the level of this grew from game to game. You always had a chance to make them look the way you want. From hair and clothes to face expression, you were the one to decide their appearance in the smallest detail. The further parts of the game added more options and what is even greater – sims became more and more “humane”. They had their own psychological types, traits of characters, dreams, aspirations, and ideas. You were the one to help them get the life they always wanted. And maybe, the one you always wanted yourself. The new part of the game will surprise you with even more options considering building, decorating, and character design. Sims become realistic and now you can act as a demiurge for people that feel like real.