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Song Of Horror

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Game information

Game title: Song Of Horror

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The dark is silent, but beware of that quietness. You find yourself in house where everything is way too strange – the mirrors are talking to you, the ghosts look at you from the open doors, you hear the whisper, you feel the presence. The presence of something evil and this is the Song of Horror that wracks your brains and make you feel crazy. The character of the game is missing – he and his family have disappeared. He is a famous writer, so people around have noticed his absence pretty soon. His editor tries to find him, so he sends a man to his house and asks him to check if the writer is okay. The man comes back with nothing – he didn’t see the writer as well his family. This case of disappearance is not the last one.
Other people are missing as well, and the amount of them grows. The whole families and groups of people vanish like they have never existed and don’t come back. Very soon, it becomes clear that an unknown mystical entity stands behind these events. The strange dark nothing steals people and takes them to another world… you will have to investigate this case and try to stay alive. The real paranormal horror story is waiting for you in this title. Experience the horrors of supernatural attacks and try to figure out how a human being can stand against something like this.