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Sonic.exe vs Baldi’s Basics

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Game information

Game title: Sonic.exe vs Baldi’s Basics

Category: Baldi’s Basics
Game description:

Sonic can be creepy, especially when it is Sonic Exe, a real maniac possessed by the dark powers! Now he meets another creepy maniac and this is not going to end any good. Baldi and crazy Sonic will meet each other on the stage and it is not clear who will win! However, you can influence the result of the fight, so enter this game and try it right now. Baldi is a well-known mad teacher and he has an ultimate weapon in his hands. This is a ruler! Yes, this doesn’t sound any frightening, but only until you know Baldi. He can use the ruler as a deadly weapon, because everything that appears in his hands turns into a deadly weapon. Baldi will use the ruler to win the battle. Sonic is a speedy hedgehog, but after being possessed by the evil powers, he acts differently. Now golden rings and captured animals don’t bother him too much – instead, he is here to start a fight with a mad math teacher and try to survive the battle. Knowing Baldi, this is not going to be easy. However, Sonic will show his fighting skills as well and you will see if he as good at fighting as he runs. Check this exclusive crossover out and see who is going to win the battle. Take part in the strangest and most frightening competition between two horror heroes that will fight until one of them falls down dead.