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Spider Man PS4

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Game information

Game title: Spider Man PS4

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Game description:

Everyone has dreamed of being a superhero, and this great video game for PS4 gives you such a chance. You are going to play as Spiderman, a noble protector of the city in a mysterious suit who always appears in the crime scene shooting web from his hands, saving citizens from mortal danger and catching the guilty. Fascinating airborne battles, plenty of moves and skills to learn and challenging missions to accomplish make this game a must-play for all comics fans.

But it’s not only your mutant abilities that matter, it’s also your suit choice for today. The game features 27 amazing Spider Suits you can wear to benefit from the perks they offer. There is a special power tied to every option. These handy attacks can really save the day if you get into a fix. While the Classic Suit only gives you the basic web-firing ability, Noir Suit prevents enemies from calling for backup and Scarlet Suit distracts your opponents by generating a bunch of decoy Spideys. There are also Spider Armor making your bulletproof, Stark Suit allowing you to spawn drones and other options increasing your velocity, giving you gravity control and making your otherwise stronger, faster and more protected than your enemies.

Some suits are only available after reaching a certain level and require a sufficient amount of coins to unlock. Keep playing, upgrade your character and gain access to new, thrilling suits that will give you a highly needed boost in the battle!