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Talking Tom Hero Dash

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Game information

Game title: Talking Tom Hero Dash

Category: Talking Tom Games
Game description:

The genre known as endless runner is a pretty simple and plain one. There is a straightforward principle all such titles use – you have a distance to overcome and useful items to gather on your way. This formula might become a basis for an interesting plot, but most endless runners are not very focused on storytelling, because the main entertainment players are offered is constant running and gathering, which is pretty enjoyable itself. Talking Tom Hero Dash doesn’t really tend to be very creative – this one is a classical title of its kind, where you will do the same thing over and over again. However, the presence of charming and well-known characters drawn in a very appealing way makes it something that all kids really adore. They are cute, cartoon-like, and the world around them is also drawn in much detail.

Talking about the playing process as it is, one can conclude that it is really easy, so young audience will definitely like it. There is no place for frustration here – all challenges are simple and repetitive. The story behind it is also childish – Tom tries to rescue his friends from entrapment and this is why he is in such a hurry. You are going to help him find and save heroic kitties and to do so, a lot of challenges should be beaten. Good luck!