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Tasty Planet Forever

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Game information

Game title: Tasty Planet Forever

Category: Boys Games
Game description:

Kitties like to eat! They would eat the entire planet if they could. Oh, and this is what you can do in the Tasty Planet Forever game. Play as a hungry cat in Paris, who starts his meal with mice and bread and then moves to people, vehicles, houses, and parks. Become bigger with every next object you swallow and eat everything! When you are finished with your French dinner, you can move to the next world to taste. For example, you can play as an octopus and attack the Caribbean island. Or maybe you want to become a large shark and destroy the entire Pacific Ocean? Or save the Antarctic as a penguin. You can even play as a grey goo-like substance munching on Mars. There even more characters and worlds to choose, among them you will find such bonus animals as elephant, rat, hen, bug, child, and even a collapsar. This one is the largest game of that kind – you will have more than a hundred of stages to try. You can grow from a small creature to the sizes of the cosmos! There is a game version for iPad, so you can eat everything on your away and grow even when you are away from your computer. By the way, once you unlock a number of levels in a single-player version, you will get an access to the two-player mode.