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The Incredibles 3

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Game information

Game title: The Incredibles 3

Category: Adventure
Game description:

People love superheroes. They keep an eye on us when we walk the streets and rid the world of mortal dangers. Now you can put together your own superhero team by playing The Incredibles, a Lego version of the legendary animated movie! You’ll control a family of characters with supernatural abilities. Mr. Incredible has enormous strength and enhanced senses, Elastigirl is capable of stretching and reshaping any part of her body, Violet can move objects, create protective force fields and turn invisible, Dash possesses inhuman speed and Jack-Jack is a shapeshifter. While the youngest squad member will also be part of the game, it is unclear if players will be able to control him. Aside from the solo campaign, The Incredibles will be available in a two-player co-op mode. The story will unfold in Municiberg, the home city of the family, and Nomanisan, where Syndrome is hiding. While the trailer didn’t show any footage of gameplay, we can judge about it from several screenshots released so far. The pictures portray The Incredibles using their superabilities. Fans also caught sight of the deadly Omnidroid that gained an iconic Lego appearance. We are about to learn the details shortly, since game is scheduled to launch as soon as this year!