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The Nun

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Game information

Game title: The Nun

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Old monasteries are full of mysterious locations and exciting secrets. The events of the game takes place in one of such abbeys. You play as a newcomer who heard stories about enigmatic treasures hidden in the depth of the corridors. You sneak out at night and set off on a trip around the church to unlock all the doors and discover what lies behind them. What could that be? Some sweets forbidden in nuns’ diet? A soft mattress that definitely feels much more pleasant that a plain wooden bed? Or maybe a book of witchcraft our hero could use to posses supernatural powers and make their wishes come true? That’s what you’re about to find out!

But you won’t be the only novice who has strange ideas like that. Others are eager to uncover the mysteries of the abbey too. They are controlled by other players and everyone is acting on their own, trying to get to the legendary treasures before their opponents. On your way through the monastery, you should watch out for the Prioress and Abbess who are on their guard, walking up and down the corridors to make sure all the novices are in their beds and none of them is up to anything unacceptable. These two characters are also playable. They are controlled by other people whose task is to catch the rebellious newcomers before they can leave their sight and get back to bed pretending to be asleep.

It’s a good thing you can move quietly preventing the Prioress and Abbess from seeing and hearing you! Your mission is simple: explore the monastery and find the location where you can fulfill your ‘secret wish.’ After that, make it back to your bedroom without getting caught by the elders. All newcomers sneak through the corridors secretly marking their trajectories on hidden sheets. The other two characters walk along set paths, but if they notice something suspicious, they can quit patrolling and follow novices wherever they are. If you are capable of getting your secret wish and making all the way back without being spotted, you win. So do the others on the same conditions. As to the Prioress and Abbess, their victory depends on the number of novices they manage to catch.

This fascinating escape room multiplayer game will help you while away a free evening with a touch of mystery and amazing atmosphere. There is no direct confrontation, but an element of contest is included which makes the game even more fun! Enter the ancient abbey and prepare for thrilling discoveries!