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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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Game information

Game title: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Category: Strategy , Simulation
Game description:

Welcome an amazing strategy called Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It is always recognized under a smart abbreviation – TABS. It is developed by the PC by Landfall Games. This famous company is one of the most sought-after developers in this sphere of activity. It is famous due to really captivating, colorful and entertaining games of different genres.

TABS is the new creation of this great company. In this game, you will face the menace of googly-eyed blobby people-creatures. You will have a rich choice out of the units. You will choose your own creatures and form out of them your monstrous armies. Of course, the main target of each strategy is to compile money, hire the army and develop tactics to conquer your enemies. Nevertheless, this game differs from others. After you locate your army and start the gaming process, you would not be able to control them. Thus, this game is a real puzzle and you will have to deal with timing.

It has a campaign mode, where you will fight against a pre-defined rival army. Your objective is to overcome the rivals with a restricted number of warriors. In the meanwhile, you may also opt for a sandbox mode. In this mode, you may do whatever you wish. Choose any armies you like and go as crazy as you wish.

Even famous JackSepticEye left one of his burning comments about this game. He highly praises this game. You have a tremendous chance to play this strategy on our online resource.