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Ultimate Custom Night

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Game information

Game title: Ultimate Custom Night

Category: FNAF Games
Game description:

Those who already played a good deal of FNAF games will find it intriguing to be set up against all of the iconic animatronics in the middle of the night! Once again you are going to find yourself locked in a small room with danger lurking behind every corner and ready to strike any minute. The game includes 50 puppet characters that can be selected by the player with vast customization options. Choose any set of animatronics, with difficulty ranging from zero to 20, and plunge right into the horror adventure! In FNAF 7 Ultimate Custom Night you’ll get to control two side doors from your security office along with two air hoses and vents through which the dolls can crawl into your hideout. In this game, you’ll also have to get the hang of other instruments for your self-protection, including A/C, power generator, heater and other stuff. In addition, you can lay laser traps, buy things from the prize counter and gather Faz-Coins.

Here are a few of the characters you can encounter in this ultimate mashup. First of all, it’s Golden Freddy. Avoid looking at him for longer than it’s acceptable or the game will end! There is also Nightmare Fredbear who can be spotted on the cameras and you only notice him when he is standing at your door. But even then the character remains invisible, all you can see is his eyes. You can only know he’s there by hearing his sinister laughter. The most dangerous, however, is Phantom Freddy who just appears out of nowhere in your room. Luckily, you can quickly get rid of him by illuminating him with your flashlight. If you don’t react to his materializations quickly enough, he will scare you and you will black out for some time. Watch out for the left hall from where you can be attacked by Freddy Fazbear. The method against him is keeping the building cool because in a warm environment he begins to move faster.

As for other characters, beware of Chica who hangs out in the kitchen. She has quite an ear for music and you can use that to your advantage turning on the music box to keep her occupied. However, she has her own tastes and if she doesn’t like the music, she will come for you. Listen to the rattling of pots and pans to learn whether she is satisfied with your choice of songs or not. Some of the puppets don’t show up immediately waiting for their turn and hiding somewhere. One of them is Funtime Foxy who remains behind the curtain and only appears when the showtime begins. You can prevent the show from starting by looking at the stage through the camera at the right time. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful for you!