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Undertale 2 Deltarune

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Game information

Game title: Undertale 2 Deltarune

Category: Adventure
Game description:

The recently launched new RPG from Fox, Deltarune, is a title that won the hearts of all gamers. Currently, the fans are expecting for the new part of it, however, the development will certainly take some time. As the game creator says, he needs to gather a large team of people to continue working on this product. Otherwise, we will hardly ever see the second part, despite the fact that the audience have met the first release with great enthusiasm. Fox claims that Deltarune will be quite different from the previous part known as Undertale 2. First, this one will feature only one ending version. The characters are also expected to be different, despite the fact that they have a set of similar traits. Also, these characters will appear in the new universe and experience different stories. If you haven’t played the first part yet, make sure that you do it before the second one sees the world. The reason is that you can only play it after you know the plot of the previous one, since the second part adds new meaning to the first one.
The new story is about Suzie and Kris, who suddenly find a parallel world in the classroom’s closet. They are asked to get some chalk and one they open a closet, it turns to be something like a dark hole inside and they fall into it. This other world turns to be pretty dangerous, and characters have to save their lives fighting with strange creatures that live there. At some moment, they meet a mysterious Dark Prince, who informs them that they are warriors of delta and their mission is to save the planet. There are so many enemies and monsters in that strange parallel world who don’t stop attacking them. At the same time, they are reflecting on the necessity to become heroes. Are they strong enough to take such a burden on their shoulders? What should they do and how their decisions influence the story? The game is full of combat and different characters have various abilities, since they are divided into categories. For example, Kris can interact with the comrades in a battle to lead them and fight the enemies as a captain of the team. The Dark Prince, Ralsei, is a healer and he can remove the damage made to his comrades during a fight while casting a sleep spell on the enemies. Suzie is up to take more brutal decisions and has a large axe that brings significant damage to the opponents. Overall, the game is a well-thought and thrilling adventure, so all fans of the previous part (Undertale) will appreciate it for sure.