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Visage Chapter 2

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Game information

Game title: Visage Chapter 2

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

The main feature of the second part of Visage us discovery of an old mysterious mansion. The time here flows slowly, so everything starts in a relatively calm manner. With time, the pressure will grow. If you are fond of horror titles that are not so plain – than this one is your choice. No jumpscares or stuff like that, but deep and unobvious context elements that will work on your mind in a strange way. The title is unique and pretty complicated, so the biggest fans of psychological story-driven horrors will find it amazing. The atmosphere here is very memorable and while it uses a classical environment – an abandoned house – it doesn’t feel like any other title. The way developers work with the plot and all game features differs from any other horror game. The overlapping hallucinations and mixture of realities won’t let you get bored.