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Zombie Catchers 3

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Game information

Game title: Zombie Catchers 3

Category: Zombie
Game description:

Zombie apocalypses is already here! The undead are walking all around, eating people’s brains, biting and turning them into zombies as well. When the last hopes were almost lost, you have appeared! A legendary zombie catcher from the outer space, ready to save the earth and… implement a small business plan into life. Move around the ruined world and capture as many zombies as you can. To catch one, you will make traps and hit with a harpoon. Be careful, when you move – some of your enemies might be hiding around the corner. When the certain amount of undead is already gathered, you will start making money of them. Believe it or not, but the dwellers of Earth like the taste of zombie-smoothie a lot. The more drinks you sell, the better equipment you will purchase and therefore – the more zombies you will catch!