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Io title are incredible because they always succeed to combine amazing elements all in one. We all know that there is no Io title that would be free from such things as competition, simple and addictive gameplay, masses of other players present in a process all at once, etc. What is more, the developers never fail to create appealing characters, who appear in pretty pleasant environment. The core of Io games – competitions within a massive pool of players – can be applied to thousands of plots and stories, that is why the amount of these games continue to grow, while almost all of them become real hits of the web. This is exactly what has happened with, a game where you play for a guy in a swimming suit, who is having fun in a large racing water attractions. There you are going to meet a great deal of opponents – people, who are also having fun, but also they want to knock you down. Don’t let them do that and knock them down yourself, this is the main simple rule to follow. Each defeated player will bring you scores. If you are not playing with real people, then your opponents are going to be controlled by the artificial intelligence technology.

The entire process is so clear and simple that even your grandma would grasp it from the first three seconds. Indeed, the content is pretty shallow – there is nothing else to do except sliding around and beating other sliders. The game doesn’t offer to much variety and you don’t have to expect that it has something to surprise you with. You are going to start with choosing your hero’s name and gender and then the race will start. There is a number of tracks here, so when you finish one, you simply move to another, which is not very different from the previous. There is only one mode here and number of tacks is pretty limited – there are three different options here. Still, everything is not that bad and the game won’t make you bored because the overall gameplay is pretty addictive and energetic despite the fact that it is not so diverse.