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Baldi’s Basics Update

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Game information

Game title: Baldi’s Basics Update

Game description:

What was your least favorite subject at school? We bet many would answer ‘math.’ Who likes raking one’s brains over tricky numbers and mind-boggling equations? And if your teacher wasn’t a very pleasant and patient person, you probably entered the classroom as if you were marching towards your own death. In this case, it’s not that far from truth. Meet Baldi, one of the most horrifying teachers at Baldi’s Schoolhouse who doesn’t forgive mistakes. He has prepared the most difficult tasks for you to handle. There are a total of seven notebooks for you to fill with the right answers. Beware, if you fail, Baldi will snap and chase you all over the school! Keep an eye on your stamina bar since you won’t be able to keep running once it’s empty. If you need to refill your energy, use a chocolate bar from your backpack. There is also an option of looking over your shoulder so that nobody can catch you off guard in this update. The whole campus will be helping Baldi. Numerous characters you are about to encounter will try to thwart you and stand in your way. Some of them need to be bribed so that you can pass. For instance, if you’re running down the hallway and there is a bully blocking your path, you can offer him something from your inventory and he will let you by. But even if you are lucky to shake Baldi off your tail, he’ll still be lurking around, looking for a handy moment to snatch you. Don’t let that happen! If you get into Baldi’s hands, the screen will go blank and you’ll have to start all over again. Solve all the tasks correctly and get out of school with all seven notebooks filled before Baldi makes his move on you!