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Game information

Game title: Beware

Category: Survival Horror
Game description:

This year we’ve been promised a series of eerie horror games relying mostly on their atmosphere to creep out the players. And Beware is one of them. As we can judge from a demo, the main story will unfold behind the wheel of a car caught up on a dark road at night. It’s raining and there is only spooky forest on both sides of the road. Then there is a vague figure walking out of the forest. You start following it, but in a while you understand that the mysterious shadow is only luring you deeper into the woods. Now you have no idea where you are and where you should drive to get out of this place. In your old rusty wagon, you don’t feel safe enough. Besides, you also notice other silhouettes chasing you and now driving as fast as you can seems to be a question of life and death.

In a five-minute video that hit the YouTube, we can get a glimpse of the terrifying atmosphere of Beware. The figures pursuing you will try and knock your car off the road, but you have to stay on track and keep maneuvering between the obstacles. In the process, you’ll also collect various pieces of information lying around the map to find out what’s happening and why you are being hunted down. More details will be available shortly, for now we can only guess what the story of the game will be. Beware is a brainchild of Ondrej Svadlena from Czech Republic. In a mission shown in the demo version, where the player needs to follow an enigmatic person to the edge of a tree-grown area, we  get a clear nostalgic sensation that we are in one of the 70’s slashes, probably those filmed by David Lynch. The game is going to be very atmospheric and supposedly with a sufficient amount of dread, so if you are a nervous person, think twice before playing it! In a few months, we finally will be able to appreciate its full charm first-handed, not just from a fleeting YouTube video!