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Clicker Games Free

Get ready to fight plentiful enemies, create amazing buildings, collect various items and make your way through a diversity of virtual settings using your finger as your main and only tool! On our portal you will find a great number of thrilling and addicting clicking games to any taste, from paltformers to puzzles. Fool around in a bizarre food scenario or write your own story in all kinds of 2D side scrollers and massive RTS adventures. Not only your reflexes count, but also the strength of your push!

Save the human race from the apocalypse in Destination Keeper guiding your space ship to distant planets, overcoming extraterrestrial dangers and researching new technologies to thrive in the new world. Recruit a powerful armada and score glorious victories in Immense Army or lead a lonely but heroic life in Hero Simulator.

Maybe you’re not a fan of quick-paced action? Don’t worry, we have plenty of options for you to select from. Try to build a colossal business empire and get into the president’s seat playing as Donald Trump in Billionaire President. Or build and evolve your own urban area in Idle City. Strategic thinking is a must here, so prepare to use long-term planning and analyze the consequences of your decisions.

Many clicker games are based on memes to attract a wider audience. We suggest you try Doge Miner 2, a fun game featuring the legendary meme dog who needs your help in gathering coins until he has enough money to fly to the moon. Tube Clicker is a simulator of YouTube challenging you to play a set of videos to drum in subscribers, gain views and buy upgrades for the money you earn. Finally, you will be thrilled with Grindcraft, a game inspired by Minecraft where you need to mine resources and use them to craft different objects. Plenty of fascinating adventures are just a click away? So why don’t you make that click?