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Games 2017

A new year has come bringing along a whole slew of new cool games! Those into sports will be happy to lead their favorite soccer team to victory in the 2017 championship. If you are thrilled with bloody fights and challenging missions, you can’t go past Assassin’s Creed. Thousands of weapons, impressive graphics and captivating story won’t leave you indifferent. There is also a new chapter of good old Doom looming on the horizon. And if you like to tickle your nerves, a new game with a telltale name ‘Horror’ will creep you out with realistic animation and a full set of startling twists.

Girls, for their part, are welcome to try new clothes games in line with the latest fashion tendencies and learn new recipes in restaurant management games set for release this year.  Just Dance will teach you how to move. And of course you can’t leave your favorite characters high and dry when they need your help in planning Ariel’s wedding and nursing Elsa and Hanna’s kids! Lego Ninja Go, Bad Piggies and The King’s League are waiting for you in 2017!