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House Flipper 2018

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Game information

Game title: House Flipper 2018

Category: Simulation
Game description:

Planning to renovate your house but have no idea where to start? This awesome simulator will give you a better understanding of how it’s done! House Flipper allows you to transform your virtual home using a vast assortment of tools and options. Buy devastated buildings and repair them to turn into top-class pieces of estate. You’ll be able to triple your profits with the right approach! Check your toolbox to find the necessary instruments for hammering, nailing, screwing and drilling stuff. There is a lot of cleaning up, fixing and fitting to do. After you eliminate all the damage, it’s time to take care of interior design. You can choose your own style and decorate the building with plenty of furniture items that are available in the game. House Flipper allows you to focus either on installations and repair or apply more efforts on the designer’s side. You don’t necessarily have to buy empty houses in a terrible condition. Instead, you can purchase a decent-looking home and add just a few minor improvements to turn it into an eye candy. We have no doubt that you’ll succeed and make a fortune on renovation business! Perhaps you’ll use some of the solutions you will learn from the game while furnishing your own home!