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My Friend Pedro

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Game information

Game title: My Friend Pedro

Category: Adventure
Game description:

Have your ever thought of putting on a mask, taking two guns in your hands and race through the streets, killing people one by one? Well, hopefully, you didn’t. Because that won’t mean that you are totally nuts, just like the main character of the title called My Friend Pedro. Pedro is not literally his friend, he actually is a banana. A talking one. And this banana is the one, who imposed that madness on the main protagonist. This really looks like a classic case of schizophrenia: a talking something that controls your mind and forces you to kill people. Well, is it even possible to resist anything like that? Actually, when your life takes a twist like that, you cannot care too much.

So the main feature of the title is that you are not just crazy, but absolutely invulnerable. You Will be leaping from one spot to another, shooting your guns, making flips in the air and bringing dozens of enemies down. Without getting a single scratch. This sounds tempting, right? Despite the high level of violence and death that is present in the game, it doesn’t look cruel anyhow. Instead, it is funny and enjoyable. With all that weapons and invincibility, you will feel yourself like a hero of a famous blockbuster (on cocaine). The overall story is really weird, but you need to check it out!