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My Little Pony Games

If you believe that friendship is magic and cannot live a day without cheerful and happy pony-friends, then the time has come to join them! Watching cartoons about cute characters from Pony Town is great, but we have something even more interesting to present. What about becoming an active part of ponies’ life? Have you ever dreamt to visit Equestria and meet your favorite Pinkie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and other pony-girls?

Well, now you have a chance to do so! We have prepared an amazing list pony-related games for all fans, especially for girls. You will be able to enjoy all charms of pony life! There are titles of different genres in this section, from adventures to dress ups, creators, and puzzles! All of them are very different, but there is one thing that unites them – they all tell stories about Equestrian girls and reveal the importance of love and friendship (and cupcakes)!

To check these titles out, all you need is a good taste and a lot of free time. In some games, you will meet a pony, who needs your help. As you know, ponies like parties and fun, so when another amazing holiday is approaching, they get really excited. However, they are not just ponies, but also girls and all they want to look stunning. Will you help them to choose the most beautiful outfit and shine like a star on a party? Don’t forget about accessories and try different looks. Also, you will have an amazing chance to brush magical mane and pin it up with a beautiful hair-slide. The clothes in most dress up titles can be selected according to the season. Just click the wardrobe elements and see your pony changing! You can choose a beautiful cape, hat, shoes, various scarves, which little ponies like that much. Also, you can make a visage for your pony, which is especially great, when she is going to visit a ball! Not only you can dress them up, but also you can create characters from the ground up. It means that you can create a pony of you own, picking its color, hairstyle, eye shape, cutie mark and everything else! However, our titles don’t end here. You can also try adventure-driven ones. For instance, help Pinkie to cook some delicious sweeties or assist Applejack to gather the harvest in her beautiful garden.

As you can see, the collection of pony games is enormous and we have gathered the best ones specially for you. Check them out and try different genres! We are sure that you will have a really good time spent with your favorite cartoon characters. Remember that we upload new titles regularly, so you are more than welcome to come back to this resource again and again to immerse yourself into incredible fun and joy with cheerful ponies. All titles uploaded to this page are free to play! We only provide our visitors with full and high-quality versions of game, so try them all and enjoy!