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Racing Games

Racing is the kind of games that is interesting for everyone. After all, what can compare to the thrill of sitting behind the wheel of a super speedy bolide and tearing down a winding track avoiding a painful collision just by a thread? Our site offers a huge collection of racing games that will satisfy even the pickiest needs. We regularly add new titles that just appeared online, so don’t forget to check this page from time to time to keep track of the latest releases!

Feel like a real racer!

Inspiring panoramas or postapocalyptic landscapes, elegant sports cars or hefty trucks, change of view angles and full immersion into a highly detailed gameplay – a variety like that won’t leave you indifferent! Today even the simplest online racing simulators are capable of emulating the basic nuances of driving a car giving you an impression that it’s actually happening to you. Virtual races have now turned into a fascinating action and you’re the one in charge of it. You can pick from all real and fictional means of transport, including racing bolides, heavy trucks, bikes, motor boats, helicopters or even space ship.

Besides, you’ll often have the ability to choose the appearance and type of your vehicle. Customization options are very wide allowing you to design your car in a way that perfectly suits your taste. For every victory, you’ll get a certain amount of money that you can spend on buying new spare parts and upgrades for your transport. That opens immense possibilities for fitting your vehicle to your playing style – for instance, add an acceleration boost or make it more robust so that it can withstand even the wildest crashes.

Daily missions, PvP contests and stunning upgrades!

The gameplay features are also very diverse. Some of the games are in third-person perspective, others offer a look from inside the car to complete the impression of driving in real life. You can choose to follow a campaign or pick the tracks randomly. Many games also feature daily missions giving you the opportunity to earn some extra cash. There is an option to play against AI or compete with real players on the other side of the server. You can invite your friend to see who is the best driver or just play against random people. There are also team races where the members of the same squad must act as one to outrun their opponents. Whatever you prefer, you are sure to find your perfect racing game on our site!