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Snail Bob Games

None of us has been a snail and we can only imagine what it’s like. However, for Snail Bob this is everyday reality. Following him on his amazing adventures and helping him out of challenging situations, you can learn this fascinating world of insects and microorganisms a bit better! At first, it might seem that the life of a snail is pretty monotonous. But in Bob’s case, it’s not entirely true. He has a rare talent to get into all kinds of trouble and your task is to save his sorry shell by solving puzzles, unraveling riddles and eventually finding a way out to the next level. Your path will lie through a good deal of locations, from the wild jungle of Amazon to the icy ridges of the North Pole. You’ll even get to visit the Pyramids and fly into space! But your journey won’t be as carefree as you may fancy. Deadly obstacles, tricky traps and evil monsters will try and break down your spirit. Don’t be frustrated by minor setbacks! With enough diligence and a little brain effort, you will overcome all the difficulties. Guide our sleezy friend through all the hazards and try to collect as much stars as possible. Meet your love, save your grandpa and ultimately rescue the world from the imminent danger!