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Sniper Games

Want to become a real sniper, a silent and unseen warrior that hides from the eyes of others and attentively spies for a victim? Now you can prove that you are the most accurate shooter of all. We have prepared a series of sniper titles for you and despite the fact that this genre may seem a bit limited, you will be excited by the amount of various options presented on this page. Each and every title, where you play for a sniper requires you to be super-attentive. At the one hand, you need to put your nerves aside and be calm to press the button when it is needed and make things done.

On the other hand, you need to be alarmed all the time, because aiming precisely is not so easy – you have just one chance to do so. Your potential victim will appear at the right spot for a short period of time and sometimes this period is no longer than a second, especially when you need to shoot someone, who is moving. The movement might be tricky – fast, with unexpected maneuvers, unclear, and hard to predict. So do your best and let your intuition be a helpful support for the cold calculations you make in your mind right at the moment when the shoot is about to happen.

Your enemies can be variable. In some titles, you are going to be an assassin – a person with steel nerves and strange destiny, the one, who gets paid for fulfilling unusual orders. You will get tasks from your “customers” and sometimes the whole story and the reasons won’t be clear to you. However, you don’t need to know them – your task is to do what have been said, be precise, and disappear as you were never really there. In other titles you will be fighting with terrorists or kidnappers, who have captured kids or other civilians. You are the representative of the law and the only hope of those unlucky ones, so do your best and save poor people from crazy marginal villains. Also, you can become a sniper on the battlefield, when the war continues. Some soldiers fight the enemy in a personal battle, but you are an invisible man, who kills quietly and nobody can identify, where are you. You will see the greatest and most horrible wars in human history like First and Second World Wars, being a part of the army and doing everything the save the native country and the entire world from being occupied. Your riffle with a telescope will help you find the target and kill it in a matter of seconds.

In most titles of this genre, there is a couple of main traits and actions to take. Be quiet, fast, and accurate. Everything will surely depend on a situation you are in. However, in most cases, you will have to wait for a moment that would be perfect for a strike. Be aware that another opportunity might not come if you fail to use the first one. You will find yourself in pretty dangerous situations, where you will fight against robbers, occupants, terrorists, soldiers, or even politicians (especially, when you fulfill some delicate order from very influential people). Do your best and show the patience, accuracy, and attention. A bit of luck will be also helpful! Try the titles we have uploaded and have fun!