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Survival Horror Games

We all like to tickle our nerves sometime. For that purpose, some people go to horror movies, some go in for gothic culture. But there is another way to test your courage and get creeped out. If you are a kind of person that likes to take challenges and overcome obstacles, you should definitely try playing survival horrors. This genre is known by its scary atmosphere and tough gameplay. Although the game may include combat elements, you will be limited in vision, health and weapons and will have to deal with numerous obstructions. To gain access to new areas, you’ll also have to collect various items and solve puzzles. Developers use popular horror themes making you wander in dark mazes and fight multiple enemies waiting for you around the corner.

Features of the genre

The whole point of survival horrors is to keep frightening you while also restricting you in means of survival. Your hero is vulnerable, you don’t have a lot of equipment to cope with the tasks you’re given or fend off enemy attacks. You’ll have to pay a lot of attention to managing your inventory since there will be a very little amount of resources available to you. Most of the times, survival horrors contain a gripping story that unfolds through texts, audio introductions and journals found on the location. Rather than fighting your enemies openly, you will mostly have to run away or hide from them. That makes this genre different from other action games. Meanwhile, survival horrors also make active use of FPS, action adventure and even RPG elements that add to the thrill of the gameplay.

No time to relax!

Survival horror is a very challenging genre that requires you to stay on the alert every second. You never know when another danger will strike. Moreover, you don’t even know where it might be lurking. Roaming the dark halls or a postapocalyptic zombie site, you will constantly be under the risk of an enemy attack or getting into a trap. One false move and you’ll get surrounded by monsters or end up driven into a corner. So move around quietly, carefully watch every step and make necessary precautions to save your skin! On our site, we offer a wide selection of survival horrors to choose from. There are themes that will be interesting for all categories of players. Delve into the world of thrilling adventures and see if you can hold up long enough to accomplish all missions and unravel all mysteries!