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Talking Tom and Friends

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Game information

Game title: Talking Tom and Friends

Game description:

Imagine a cat that can actually talk! Our Talking Tom games will introduce you to a lovely character who has a way with words and is always ready to play. You are going to do plenty of interesting stuff together! He is a nice companion who can keep up an interesting conversation and is willing to do whatever you suggest. There is nothing like a good talk! Tom listens to you very carefully and repeats everything you say. You’ll hear him repeat every phrase you tell. He has such a funny voice! But it’s not what online Talking Tom games are all about. Pour him some milk, stroke his back, play with him free – and you’ll hear him purr!

 Work and leisure

Our hero leads a busy life. There are so many things he has to do during the day. He needs your help at work, in the kitchen, while shopping and even on a date. You’ll hold his paw at the dentist’s, accompany him on a bike walk and throw a Halloween party for his friends. You’ll help him bake cookies, clean the house and go on a vacation to the seaside with him.

Tom is a very intelligent cat, he works on a news channel. He could really use your prompts on air! Whisper your clues into his ear and he’ll repeat your words enlightening the audience on the latest news of the neighborhood or providing a weather report. Tom doesn’t work on TV alone. His colleague, a big dog named Ben, likes playing jokes on Tom. He’s quite a bully, but generally kind and outgoing guy. It’s up to you whose side to take!

 Tom and his company

Our hero is a very communicative chap who has a lot of friends. We’ll briefly introduce you to some of them. For instance, this snow-white beauty is named Angela. She is a very nice and exquisite feline lady. Angela has an eye for beauty and enjoys art. She plays harp and is very romantic. No wonder Tom is in love with her. Help our hero win Angela’s heart by finding the right words to express his feelings. Love letters, moonlit serenades, first kisses… Will you help Angela choose her wedding dress?

Another character you’ll meet is a naughty kitten called Ginger, Tom and Angela’s son. He’ll be your best online friend! You’ll have to wash him, take him to the doctor and help him with school assignments. There are lots of cool games for you to try!

 Run for gold

Talking Tom games aren’t only about relaxation and communication. Our hero has his mishaps. Just this night, his house was robbed by a cunning raccoon and now you have to help Tom get his money back chasing the thief all over town! The pursuit will span multiple locations with plenty of obstacles to overcome and bonuses to collect. Will you be able to gather all coins scattered around? Some of them won’t be easy to obtain! The gold you earn can be spent on buying a house of Tom’s dream. With Talking Tom and his friends, you won’t be bored!