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The Sims

Imagine a world where you can create your own characters, build relationships, make a career, design your home and do many other exciting things! The legendary Sims games series allows you to do that! In this simulator of real life you can make all of your dreams come true, whether you always wanted to become a famous singer or have a big family. Your characters will do all the things we all do everyday: wake up in the morning, make breakfast, take a shower, go for work, make friends, have fights, experience triumphs and failures. Let’s look a bit closer at what you can do here.

A brand new virtual life

The whole thing starts from creating characters that you will control. You can choose their appearance, clothing, character, even their tastes! The number of heroes is limited to 8, meaning you can begin as a newcomer in the city who will start everything from scratch or set off as an entire family (which is more interesting and efficient, but also more challenging since you need to perform multiple simultaneous processes). Then you have to buy a house and off you go! Meet your neighbors, go for an outing to the city park, pursue one of the numerous hobbies available and don’t forget to find a job otherwise you’ll soon be out of money and won’t be able to pay the bills!

Pick your friends

Depending on the traits of character you chose for your hero, you’ll see them displaying corresponding behavior in different situations. For instance, if your character is brave he or she will definitely dash into the fire to rescue the victims or fight a criminal that broke into your home without waiting for the police. If he or she is sensual, you’ll often see them crying over the slightest things. Amorous characters will be prone to flirting, even at the risk of hurting their ongoing relationship. And for evil characters, there is nothing better than cruising for a bruising or taking a candy from a baby (literally!). The same goes for skills and activities. If your hero is an inborn musician, he or she will be quick at learning different instruments. Artists are better at painting, while computer geniuses can make additional money by hacking. If two characters that just met have one or a few traits in common, that will accelerate the progress of their relationship. And vice versa, if their traits are incompatible, that will make it hard for them to communicate. You see, everything is just like in real life! The more time the characters spend together, the deeper their connection grows. They have a good chance at becoming close friends and possibly even lovers. Once there is a romantic note in your relationship, you can suggest the two of you should date. Then goes kissing, embracing and everything else… But don’t worry, in Sims you can only have children when you decide to!

Find your vocation

Jobs and hobbies are an important part of the Sims gameplay. There are plenty of careers to choose from. You can become a successful banker, select the noble path of a doctor, devote your life to the ups and downs of journalism or try something more creative and gather your own musical band! In the city, you’ll meet dozens of teachers, firefighters, writers, models and representatives of other professions. To pick one, either read through the fresh newspaper, search the computer or visit one of the city buildings where you’ll be offered a number of jobs! If you work hard and evolve the skills that are needed to succeed in your career, you’ll be promoted very quickly and your salary will grow accordingly!

As you can see, The Sims is quite a versatile and exciting game! Watching your character achieve one goal after another, build a happy personal relationship and a brilliant career, have children and get old is no less thrilling than living a life of your own! Don’t wait any longer, plunge into this fascinating virtual reality right now and find out what else The Sims have in store for you!